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The Energy of Success – Video Post
February 20, 2016

Your Physiology – Video Post


Hello. Welcome to Bill Cortright’s blog. I’m Bill Cortright and it’s great to have you back. What are we going to talk about today? We’re going to talk about your physiology a little bit. One of the things I’ve done over the years … and I started back in 1984 … was really testing how the body works. I wanted to understand … and if you know my history, I grew up very obese … and about that time in the time in the 1980s, ’84, I lost over 123 pounds and was becoming a bodybuilding champion. 

I really wanted to know why I was obese, and so I’ve been studying metabolism forever. I do very advanced testing and we have our clinics, Elite Health, here in Miami, and at our clinics, we do blood work, we look at DNA, we do what’s called metabolic cart testing; we do all this testing. What have I found over three decades of testing is that there’s really 2 types of physiologies. You’re either a lion or you’re a cheetah.

Now, here’s the difference between them. These physiologies are determined by how well your body handles stress, and that’s what it determines. For lions, lions usually have more trouble with carbohydrates, so when they eat carbohydrates, it actually balances the stress response and stresses the body out. They also have a tendency to put on weight. When they exercise, intense exercise doesn’t work for them. Lions burn fat when they walk. Lions usually have a pretty good immune system, but the lion’s challenge is is that if they exercise too hard, they will get the opposite results. If they don’t exercise at all, they will get no results. The lion really needs to dial in what is the right diet and exercise for your physiology.

I’m a lion. I burn fat when I walk. If I run, I actually gain weight. I also can’t process carbohydrates, so if I eat an apple, I disrupt the stress response and I shut down my metabolism. Now [inaudible 00:02:24] metabolism is energy, and there’s no such thing as a bad or a good metabolism, it’s either working or it’s not working. A working metabolism uses fat for energy. We’re built for survival, so when there’s that balance in the body and the body stores fat, we gain weight. Well, my metabolism, and many lions’ metabolism, imbalance is when they take in sugar. Fruit is a sugar. Doesn’t matter if it’s fruit or a Snickers bar. It’s the same with the response. That’s a lion physiology.

Now, the cheetah physiology, I feel kind of feel sorry for them, and here’s why. Cheetahs are never addressed in wellness. You know why? Most cheetahs don’t need to lose weight. When cheetahs gain weight, it’s always right around here in the middle. They have the beer belly. They don’t have the classic beer belly, because they’ll gain the weight in the middle, and their legs’ll be thin, their arms will be thin, everything’s thin, and you just have this belly.

The reason is, cheetahs do not handle stress well. They’re a stressed out physiology, a stressed out animal. Cheetahs are so stressed out, that a lot of times, they forget to eat. They don’t have problems with weight, they don’t eat, they don’t eat at all. They don’t eat all day long. They also have trouble with sleeping, and so what happens with the cheetah is they’ll have trouble sleeping and they’ll be very restless. Why? Because they can’t shut their nervous system down to relax to go to sleep. They’ll find once they get to sleep the problem with cheetahs is they have trouble falling asleep.

Cheetahs are very different because cheetahs actually need carbohydrates. The cheetah without carbohydrates, the brain function won’t properly. Also, for exercise, cheetahs, most cases, have to work a more intense type of exercise. Cheetahs generally make very good marathon runners, very good triathletes, very good bikers; they’re good for intense distances. A cheetah’s [inaudible 00:04:22], usually you want to do a interval type training for a cheetah, but cheetahs will have trouble building muscle, where lions build muscle real easily.

You have to understand, are you a lion or you’re a cheetah, because otherwise, how do you get the right diet and exercise program for your physiolog?. How can you find out? Well, in our EliteFitForever 3-phase program, phase 1 is boost. Boost resets the metabolism. It’s not the program. People get confused because people lose a lot of weight on it. A lot of lions need the boost, but cheetahs, if you’re not sleeping right, and you’re not feeling right, and you feel anxious all the time, a boost in 30 days will reset all those hormones causing you to feel stressed out. A lot of times, cheetahs don’t need the boost. They need to go right into what we call transition, which I’ll talk about, but you may need the boost.

Now, those that are in transition .. that’s the 2nd phase of our EliteFitForever program … transition is when you go into the program. As a lion, you have a program; as a cheetah, you will have a program. Now, in transition, you get these supplements that are geared towards the physiology. I have actually formulated formulas, 4 formulas just for the lion, basic formulas that they’ll need to take the rest of their life to balance out their body, and basic formulas for the cheetah to balance out their body, two different bodies.

Once you go into transition, you actually build a 5-link program. You have your right diet, link 1 meals; link 2 hydration; link 3, circulation, aerobic exercise; 2 different formulas, 1 for lion, 1 for cheetah; resistance training. Even resistance training is a little bit different for the lion or a cheetah. I think you have your jump then, your cheat day. Those are the 5 links, the 5 biomax links, which is the 3rd phase. The 3rd phase of the program is perfectly easy. You’re living the lifestyle of those 5 links.

You can go to my website, www.billcortright.com, click on the Health button, and you could take the evaluator right there. In the evaluator, you can find out if you’re a lion or a cheetah, or you could download my app. You just go into your app store, type in Bill Cortright, download the app. The app is awesome, because you get all my blogs. You get all my motivational things in there. I’ll let you know when I’m on the Periscope, and you get when my events are coming up, and I have both evaluators in there, one to evaluate your 5 areas for stress and the lion or cheetah evaluator in there. You can go right on there and take that evaluation. You want to know who you are and how to really achieve a lifetime of wellness is, you got to take the guess work out of it and you got to [inaudible 00:07:21] more scientifically.

That’s it for this week. Guys, get on there. If you want to get a hold of me, contact me, Bill@BillCortright.com. If you have questions about being a lion or a cheetah, please let me know, I will answer the questions. People ask me sometimes, is there a middle animal? There are some cases; they’re very, very rare. Until next time, have an inspired week.


Bill Cortright