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The Energy of Success Part 2 – Video Post
January 21, 2016
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March 18, 2016

The Energy of Success – Video Post

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Hello, I’m Bill Cortright, and welcome back to my video blog. Welcome to the Green Circle. Today we want to talk a little bit about a different subject. We’re going to talk about energy, but we’re not going to talk about energy in the way I’ve talked about in past. We’re not talking about carbohydrates, fats, and protein in your diet. We’re going to talk about the energy of success. 

One of the teachers that I have followed for many years is Dr. David Hawkins. What Dr. Hawkins created was an energy calibration chart, it’s an energy chart that can tell you if you’re going to be successful, if you’re not going to be successful. It’s the magic chart, right? You’re asking yourself how does that work. Well, when I talk about success, I talk about different levels of life.

Success level one is an unconscious level. It’s like you’re working with the programs that were given to you from birth. We’ve talked about this in past blogs about how the subconscious works. When we talk about willpower and taking action and creating change and becoming successful, it really is about connecting what you want in your conscious mind to the subconscious where the power comes from. It’s from our subconscious programs that drives our actions.

Level one is pretty much people that are living the same life year after year. In other words, if you’re setting the same New Year’s resolution every year, “I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to start a budget. I’m going to do this”, then pretty much you’re living in that unconscious level, and to change you have to step outside the cage, the comfort zone. This is when you go into level two.

In level two that is self-mastery. Now, how do you know you’re living in level two? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. We’re going to talk about the energy of success and how you can actually look at these calibrated levels and guide your life. 

Then level three is enlightenment. We’ll even get into that a little bit today. That’s when you raise your energy levels up where you actually don’t even have a cage anymore. Let’s get into this a little bit so you can understand it better.

The energy of success starts with this calibration chart which goes from zero to thousand. At a thousand that’s calibrating where Jesus, Krishna, Buddha would be, that is your enlightened energy. Zero is death. Level one is from energy 30 to energy 175. Let’s take you through these energy levels. Level 30 is called shame. When your energy is living at this level, it’s when you’re shameful. A lot of people that are really shameful may have been abused in the past and may be addicted to drugs. They won’t even look you in the eye when they talk. It’s a very, very low level. 

What’s interesting shame is below 30, but right at 30 is the level of guilt. When you are living in guilt or somebody is guilting you, then that brings your energy levels way down. We’ll get into that a little bit later in this blog. Then when you go up to 50 it’s energy level apathy. Apathy is the I can’t level. This is when people say, “I can’t do this. I can’t do that. I can’t do this diet. I can’t start exercising. I don’t have time. I don’t have this.”  Biologically this level is for when people need assistance. When you get stuck in this level, you just pretty much are in a level of failure. 

Next you come up to a 100 and that is the level of fear. In this level when you get afraid of things or worried or anxiety, all those things put you at a low level of 100. Above that at 125 is the level desire. Desire is better than fear but desires also an energy of lack. It’s what we hold. This is the law of attraction, and the secret came out with that some years ago and really explained it well, it’s what you hold in your mind. If you hold in your mind something you want real bad like money, you actually repel it because what you’ll hold in your mind is lack, and that is the energy level of desire at 125.

At 150 things start getting better because that’s the level energy of anger. I don’t find anger a bad thing. I find anger much better than these lower energies because at least it’s giving you something to make you take action. You’ve had enough. I’m going to change. Then comes the dangerous level of 175, pride. You see, the key level to change and to go into level two when you want to go into life level two of self-mastery, you have to live 200 or above. 

Level 175 is pride. It’s a false positive level. What do I mean by that? This is the level where everybody thinks they want to attain. “I want to get the big house. I want to have the perfect mate. I want to have all the money in the bank. I want to have all this success.” The challenge with this level is if you live on this level, you’re only fooling yourself. Because if you were to lose everything, then your energy levels would be destroyed. It’s when you’re self-concept and your cage is built around what you do and that’s with pride. Pride is a dangerous level because it prevents you from going into level two self mastery. 

Now, self-mastery is level 200. That’s courage. It makes sense, right? You have to have courage to change. You have to courage to step outside the cage. You have to have courage in order to go through the pain of change, we’ve talked about that, and to prevent yourself from going through that snap back. Now, when you rise up into level two, at 250 you have neutrality. Neutrality means you’re flexible. Now life is flexible. You’re not so rigid you have to have things this way to be happy. You’re more flexible. 

At 310 you now have willingness. Willingness are your optimists. They’re optimistic about everything. They have a willingness to go with life. At level 350 is acceptance. This is where you start to surrender. You start to trust. Things are going to work out. There’s not good or bad. This is what’s happening, and you trust that everything is for your betterment. 

Then you hit the dangerous level of level two and that is 400 reason. Some of our greatest minds live in this energy level and have lived in past history. These are people that really changed the world. They were very smart, but they were still tortured. You have a guy like van Gogh who was a genius cut off his ear because they’re tortured because they never can take the next step into level three. It’s because they don’t believe in a higher power. They don’t believe in anything like that. They’re more scientific. 

Agnostic is somebody who you have to prove that there is a God. When really an agnostic they’re right. You can’t prove that there’s a God. You can’t prove it. You just got to know it. That’s when happens is they get stuck in that level. One-seventy five pride sticks you in level one while 400 leaves you in level two. To go above into enlightenment, everything changes and that’s 500 love. When you hit in this you start losing the cage and the self concept. There is no more cage. 

In level two you’re setting the cage the way you want the cage to be. You’re not being directed by old programs that you were given in the first five years of life. When you hit this level, the cage falls away. Then you’re living life. When they talk about the power of now, being in the moment, these are the people that live in that. There aren’t a lot of them. When we talk about those things … “I live in the moment.” Wow, you really don’t understand what the moment is because you’ve got to live a very high life. When you hit 500, 540 is joy, 600 is peace, and then 700 to 1,000 is enlightenment. These are your enlightened stages in that. That’s how the calibration chart goes. 

Let’s talk about the energy of success and where we are today. Most people want to be happy. Most people want to have peace. Most people want to have success. You would agree with that? To have that and to live that, you have to live in level 200 in all five life categories. There’s career, there’s finance, there’s health, there’s relationships, and then there’s personal and spiritual development these are the five life categories. I can live 200 in career, 200 in finance, 200 in my relationship, 200 in my development, but if I’m living in a lower level in my health, guess what, I will never find peace. I will never find that positivity, that life that flows, because I am being dragged down because of that energy. That goes for any of the life categories. 

If you want to live an empowered life, the idea is to hit that 200 life energy and above. I’m going to talk about that in a future blog of what that’s like and how to get there. The first thing I want everybody to understand and that’s the purpose of this blog is that why I like Dr. Hawkins work … I don’t agree with everything he’s done. He was out there. I’m a scientist. For me how this changed my life it allows me to calibrate. It allows me to look at it. I know when I’m angry. I know when I’m fearful. I know when I’m desiring. I know when I get prideful. That knowing this allows me to know, “Wow, my energy level dipped. I got to bring it back up.”  

This is an introduction to this. I’m going to advance this, and it’ll probably be in number two because you want to watch this because I don’t want these to go too long. This is the introduction to the energy of success. Because when you learn how to live by an energy level, you can propel your life to the next level and have a guide for when you’re starting to fall instead of saying I’m fearful or instead of saying this. No, no, my level dropped, and now I can bring it up back. 

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please give me your feedback. You can contact me on my website You can even e-mail me bill@ if you want to e-mail me directly. You can follow me on our Facebook it’s /stressresponse and also my Twitter @billcortright. I am doing my periscopes guys. I really have been excited about the following. The periscopes are done on Tuesdays at 4:30, 11:00, these are all Eastern times, 11:00 on Thursdays is the doctor and the coach show. Fridays are moving now to 10:30 am Eastern time. The periscopes are a lot of fun because I can interact with you. Again have a great week, stay inspired, and let’s rock that energy.


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