I have always heard that stress is the silent killer, but I never understood what that meant until I met Bill Cortright. His life quest has been to understand and defeat this silent killer. This book is your first step to understanding stress at levels that will help you make proper decisions to eliminate it, and may just save your life. It is a must read.

JB Glossinger
Founder MorningCoach.com


My name is Bob Curry and I manage a high level Mastermind Group called the Board of Directors. It is made up of business owners of companies ranging in size from $3 to $70 million in annual sales. The goal of the group is to help the members grow personally and professionally.

Recently, I hired Bill Cortright to speak to the group about his expertise, Wellness. I allocated an hour for him to speak to the group. When I checked my watch, he talked for an hour and fifteen minutes. I looked around the room and everyone there was sitting on the end of the seats totally engaged in Bill’s speech as was I. I told him that he could go another 45 minutes because he was so engaging to the group and everyone was focused on every word that he was sharing. After the meeting, many of the people in the group met with him to understand his wellness products better.

Bottom-line, his speech was excellent and very relevant to every person on the planet. He delivers the message with great knowledge and passion. I was complimented by many members for having him speak to the group. I highly recommend Bill Cortright to anyone that is looking to hire a key note speaker, he is excellent. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss my opinion of Bill Cortright further.

Robert S. “Bob” Curry
Robert S. Curry
RSC Partners


Bill is one of those rare individuals who walk the talk. He is a prime example of what he teaches. His experiences that he shares, coupled with the medicinal knowledge that he has gleaned, forms a message that is transformative for the listener. He was one of the highest rated speakers at the ICE Business Growth Summit in Atlanta.

We were fortunate enough to have Bill come and be our kick off keynote to set the tone of our business conference. His energy, delivery and message resonated so well that it made the rest of the day a fantastic success.

Take this letter as a STRONG recommendation for Bill Cortright. Giving him an opportunity to speak to your organization as a motivational leader will inspire, motivate and encourage anyone and everyone. Hearing Bill’s message reminds us that we are not perfect and need to manage our stress to maintain balance and live life in the GREEN ZONE!

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CEO – ColderICE