The NEW Stress Response Book

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The NEW Stress Response Diet and Lifestyle Program

Despite the proven fact that stress is among the leading cause of health issues, most Americans do not know how to manage and reduce it.

Bill Cortright present the result of long years of research: The NEW Stress Response Diet and Lifestyle Program, an informative book based on their proven and highly-successful program EliteFitForever.


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For the last thirty years Bill has helped thousands of patients address the root causes of what bothers them most: excess weight, lack of energy, aging, and illness. Going beyond his previous bestselling book The Stress Response Diet, this program is the next generation of his deep understanding of stress paired with the latest in nutrition and lifestyle brought by Alex’s unique approach as a certified dietitian and chef. One of the main challenges of our hectic times is trying to stay healthy. When it comes to weight gain and chronic diseases, most people do not think that they are the result of unmanaged stress.

Throughout The NEW Stress Response and Lifestyle Program Bill shares his three- phase program built on hormone-balancing nutrition, supplement recommendations and innovative exercise routines. This new book will help each individual understand what stress really is and how to manage the stress response to take control of their health and their biological aging process by resetting their metabolism and creating a lifestyle of optimal health.

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