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Bill is one of the preeminent experts in Stress and the Stress Response Management. His Journey from obesity and diabetes to perfect health will inspire your audience and move them into action.

Bill’s keynotes are a one-of-a-kind experience that will bring a solid foundation and the tools to manage stress to become healthier, more productive and more effective than ever before.

Bill does a thorough pre-event assessment and tailors his Keynote to your audience, products, and particular situation. Your team will receive a fast-paced, fun learning experience packed with tools on how to finally manage stress to achieve more in all aspects of life.

Bill is the internationally recognized author of The Stress Response Diet and has changed more than 150,000 lives across the globe through his teachings on how to achieve optimal health by learning how to manage the stress response.

In the past years, he has shared his incredible message with the largest and most influential companies in the world,

Elevate your event.

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Bill Cortright’s Talks.

Bill Cortright is a professional motivational speaker and author specializing in Human Performance. Bill has spent three decades researching the effects of stress on the mind and body. His research has revealed the truth about stress and how it is stress that actually causes us to procrastinate and self-sabotage all personal development along with being the major cause of illness.

He is one of the world’s foremost experts on the science of stress management.


High impact talks and workshops


The “Science of Stress” is based on “The New Stress Response Diet” book which has sold over 160,000 copies worldwide. This talk educates the audience on the truth of what stress is and more importantly, the steps to Master the Stress Response.


  • Complete Understanding of Stress
  • Scientific Diet and Exercise
  • Stress and the Mind
  • Stress Reset
  • Five Health Links to Stress Management


The Law of Focus is based on Bill’s new book “Stop Wanting and Start Getting”. It is based on the Three Life Levels and the Energy they each represent. The purpose of this talk is to give the audience a precise scale to measure their personal development in the Five Life Categories: Career, Finance, Health, Relationships, Personal/Spiritual Development. The Law of Focus is a life changing talk that gives a real life scale of how to change our lives through the power of Focus.


  • Five Life Categories and creating balance
  • Three Life Energy Levels
  • How we Focus
  • The Components of the Mind and Focus
  • Changing our life Focus


The Ten Minute Life Plan talk is based off #1 Amazon bestselling book by the same name. This talk reveals the reason behind procrastination and why we self-sabotage our personal growth attempts. There is a science behind success and failure, by understanding this we can move our lives forward. The trap that we fall in when trying to change is that we are wired not to change. It is all about understanding and working with our survival DNA.


  • Stress and Action
  • The Subconscious Cage
  • Testing Periods of Change
  • Snap Back effect
  • 12-Techniques to End Procrastination in 10-minutes or less


The “Living in The Green Zone” is the talk based off a little known concept that there is an opposing response to the Stress Response called the Pause-Plan Response. It’s the Pause-Plan Response (Green Zone) where all wellness and creativity stems from. Stress is not good or bad it is a response that cannot be shut off only managed. The management of this response is what evokes the Green Zone where all success, creativity and wellness take place.


  • Red Zone-Stress Response
  • Green Zone-Pause Plan
  • Response
  • Survival Responses
  • Flipping the Green Zone Switch
  • Green Zone Physiology


The Green Focus Management talk educates the audience on simple techniques and systems that allow them to operate out of the productive Green Zone. The Green Zone is the opposite zone to the Red Zone Stress Response. When we work in the Green Zone we are proactive, productive and calm. Bill’s patented Green Focus Management System is easy to use with effective techniques to manage stress and increase productivity. Green Focus Management allows you to produce more in less time by increasing Focus.


  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking
  • 20-80 Principle
  • Chunking the Work
  • The Art of a Planning
  • Working in the Green Zone


The Five Point Power Goal Setting talk is built around the science of achieving goals. Once these five points are understood you will achieve every goal that you set. There is a reason why most of us fail to set goals let alone achieve them. Many of us try to set goals without the complete understanding why we sabotage ourselves and or procrastinate. To create the life, you want you must be able to set the blueprint and a flexible plan to match.


  • Subconscious Cage Programs
  • The Testing Periods of Change
  • Green Focus Four Questions
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Five Point Goal Setting