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The Energy of Success Part 2 – Video Post
January 21, 2016

Health in the New Year – Video Post


Hello, I’m Bill Cortright, and welcome to Bill Cortright’s blog. We’re excited to be back with you and welcome my GreenCircle members.

Today we’re going to talk about health in the new year. I know it’s December and the last thing you’re thinking about is health. You’re thinking about presents, food, office parties, stress; all that crap’s going on, right? 

Remember this book? The New Stress Response Diet? This book was written out of three decades of testing and experience, and I want to share what’s happening to me a little bit now. I want you to understand how I view my health.

What happens to me now, as I come into the end of the year, I have three companies and I have a lot of things coming at me. I have a lot of due dates, I have a lot of balls in the air at the same time. I’m jugging, jugging, juggling. Yet, I still have the holidays. I got all this coming at me and it’s a lot of stress.

About a week ago, I was having trouble sleeping. That’s unusual for me because usually I hit a very good REM sleep, and those that know me, I’m famous for being up by 3:00 in the morning, and I’m in the gym by 3:30; I’ve been doing it for 30 years, but I always get a good six hours of REM and I’m awake.

Now, I have gone a period of three days where I only had seven hours total sleep. I couldn’t sleep. This is telling me that my body is stressed out. 

What I did was I called my wife, Linda, and she’s one of our coaches, and I said, can you put me into Boost? EliteFitForever is my medical company and this is our program. We have a three-phase program that Boost resets the metabolism. Phase two is when you go into a transition, if you’re a lion or a cheetah, and in phase three is all about living the health-BioMax links. 

That’s not what this blog is about. This blog is about how I use my diet as a modality. I knew I was stressed and I do everything that I teach. I have the Green Focus Power Hour, I have the management, I’m up every day, I journal, I meditate, I do all these things, yet I wasn’t sleeping. 

I went on Boost, and what Boost does, it resets the stress response. That’s what this is about. Boost is a reset program that resets the stress response. I’m going to tell you, after one day of Boost, I was sleeping. After four days of Boost, I was back into REM, and I was back in the gym and everything was going. I don’t Boost often because I live the BioMax 5 Links, but it was amazing to watch how my body reset this physiological stress response and everything started functioning. 

Here’s the thing: I don’t do Boost for weight loss. I don’t need to lose any weight. I don’t even weigh in. I don’t care what my weight is. I was doing it because I need to perform. People depend on me. You depend on me to put out content, to be able to run my companies, to be able to coach people, to be able to make a difference in this world because my mission is to motivate, educate, and inspire people to live their best lives. If I’m tired and I’m stressed, how am I supposed to motivate you to change? 

That’s how I used my diet. I used Boost as a modality, reset my body, so I could perform and manage stress. I do this before I get sick. I do this before I get run down. I do this before I burn out. That’s how you need to look at your body going into the new year. You don’t need to wait to January to start, but if you are, please do something that you’re going to create it as a habit. Don’t go on a diet to lose weight because what are you gaining by losing weight? More weight! Get it? 

Really that’s what happens. When your focus is to lose weight, and that’s your focus, and that’s what you’re holding in your cage in the subconscious, you’re going to lose weight. Guess what? That was your focus, so you’ve got to gain the weight back, so you can lose it again. Your focus has to be health.

When we use the word diet, people get a little bit frazzled. I don’t like that word diet. What is diet? Diet is what I need to eat to manage stress so I can perform and be well. That’s what I eat. I eat my diet for longevity. You have to understand; you have to have your purpose for this new year. 2016 is the year of change. We’re doing it on our radio show, and you can follow it on Periscope, but 2016, we’ve dedicated to the year of change, a doctor and a coach. We’re going to go out to help people really get the tools to change their life.

When it comes to stress, the number one tool to manage stress is your diet. If your diet’s not right, I don’t care what crap what else you’re doing. You’re not going to manage stress. It’s impossible. Physiologically impossible. It’s the way we’re built. Our diet manages the stress response. 

Right away, if you’re going to go on a diet, don’t go on a diet to lose weight. Go on a diet to manage stress. go on a diet to help your body to repair. Go on a diet for performance. Get off the weight loss bandwagon. When you go on there and you start to eat because you want to be healthy and you want to be able to recuperate, and you want to be able to have high energy, and you want to be able to perform, the side effect is you lose weight. 

The reason people don’t lose weight is because they’re focused on losing weight instead of focusing on gaining health. Believe me. The subconscious controls every single function of our body. Every thought is energy and it makes a difference. It’s your focus of the new year.

You don’t have to wait to start. Some of those that maybe are really stressed out over the holidays, why don’t you start your Boost now? You can take off for the holiday and then you’ll be ready to go into the new year. Our program is unique; it’s a very unique program. It’s built around science. Boost resets the body, Transition creates your lifestyle program according to your physiology, and finally, BioMax is how you live this as a lifestyle. It doesn’t end. It’s a lifestyle. 

I guarantee you, if you come in this year with a new attitude, you will be sitting here next year and losing weight won’t even be on your list of resolutions. Starting exercise won’t be on your list anymore. You’ll be looking to do bigger, better, more positive things in your life because you’ve taken your health back and you’ve taken control.

That’s it for this week. I want you guys to think about this. Really think about this. If you have questions, contact me at You can go to my website,, and please give me feedback. I will answer your questions personally. Whatever you want to address. Also, follow me on Twitter, @billcortright. Our Facebook page is /stressresponse, and what’s really become popular is our Periscopes. 

I am doing these coach scopes every Tuesday, 4:30 eastern time, every Friday, 10:30 eastern time. I’m on there giving you these tips. I’;m there to coach you every week. All you have to do is download the app, Periscope, and follow me @billcortright. Okay?

It’s simple, guys. Really, the new year and our health for the new year is about focus, changing our focus. Stay inspired, live in that Green Zone, and have a wonderful week.


Bill Cortright