Health in the New Year – Video Post
December 21, 2015
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The Energy of Success – Video Post
February 20, 2016

The Energy of Success Part 2 – Video Post

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Hello, I’m Bill Cortright and welcome back to Bill Cortright’s blog. Welcome if you’re part of the Green Circle. We’re ready to rock it this week. We’re going to continue and this is Energy of Success, Part 2. If you’re watching this blog, please go back, you can go in my app and it’s in there. You can get my app in your app store. Just put in Bill Cortright and get the app or you can go into our archive on YouTube and just Google my name. You want to make sure you get the 1st one before you start this blog.

Energy of Success, Part 2, is called Living Above Level 200-Courage. In other words, it’s living Life Level Two: Self-Mastery. What does that mean? I’m going to tell you my life. For many, many years, I’ve been doing personal development, spiritual development. You know that I’ve been coaching for years and I’ve been in the medical field working on our health. When you look at my cage, my cage was very defined. My career has always been above a 200 since I really started it because I live on my purpose and I live above. I’ve always been courageous in stepping outside the box. My finances, I’ve always done well financially, 200, up there. I live up there. I don’t have stress. I don’t have anger. I don’t have any of these lower energy things.

Health, obviously that’s who I am, right? I was a diet/exercise guy for many years and my team here at Cortright’s been working to change my brand more to coach, but I will always be connected obviously with the Stress-Response Diet and everything else. That has always been above 200 since I had lost my weight many, many years ago, 3 decades ago. Then, in personal development and spiritual development that I’ve been seeking since I got that book. What changed my life was finding the book The Power of Positive Thinking. I talk about it in the New Stress-Response Diet book, how that was the defining moment. That’s when I changed. I lost 100 pounds 3 times, always gained it back. It was because of that book that I never gained that weight back and that started my career that has now expanded for well over 30 years.

In my relationship category, I have never lived up to 200. I’ve always had difficulty with relationships. I’ve gone through multiple divorces and everything else. If you look at my background, and a lot of you know about my childhood, I came from a very abusive household. When you come from a physically and a verbally abusive household, relationships are going to be a problem for people. When I look at my energy, and we looked at those energies, those lower energy levels, I would live in energy level [125-Desire 00:03:00] in my relationships because in my relationships I really, really desired not to be alone. Fear was always involved at 100 because I was fearful of being along. I would go from one relationship to the next relationship. I was a relationship guy. I could never be by myself in that. What happens is it brings you in and even when you think things are going well in your relationship, you’re kind of living a 175-Pride. It’s like, “I have a great marriage,” and you’re doing it by pride but it was never that way until about 5 years ago. 

When this energy changed for me, it was because of the person I got with, my current wife. She lives her energy levels high. What happened was she actually pulled me up and I can say for the first time in my life, my cage, my self-concept in all 5 life categories, I live above 200. What has that done to my life? It helps me live by my values. It helps me live in peace. It helps me live in love. It helps me live these values that I have that are very strong for me. It also helps me to attract more success. 

You got to understand as human beings we are all wired through energy. Everybody knows this. I’m not making this up. You walk into a room and it’s negative, you’re going to feel the energy. You walk in around somebody positive, you want to go meet those people. You don’t even know why. Because we’re all connected through energy. Being with Linda, her energy levels were always so high that at first it actually hurt our relationship in the beginning because it made me uncomfortable, but once I surrendered to that and I came up, it’s been terrific. My life is different. It’s really different. 

What’s it like to live at Courage and above? Here’s what people get confused. They think because I advanced into Self-Mastery that I never get angry or I never have anything happen and that is just not true. You’re going to go down in these lower levels. I’ve actually learned how to use anger as a modality. What do I mean by that? I don’t get mad so I don’t have this program any more. This program has been released. When I get angry, if I’m talking to somebody and I have to sometimes get anger to bring myself so they’ll listen to me, and I’ll say, “Okay, you know what? Listen to me,” and I’ll get a little angry. I can actually see behind myself that, “Wow, I’m not really mad. I’m using this.” Once I get their attention, I can shift my energy back up and once I leave the situation, I don’t carry it with me. That’s the difference when somebody lives Level Two is they don’t carry these negative energies. 

Listen, grief is a very low energy at 75. If my dogs dies, I’m going to grieve. If I lose something, you’re going to grieve. It’s okay. The thing is you don’t want to get stuck in grief. That’s what happens to people. I meet a lot of older people in our clinic and they’re stuck in grief because they live a life of regret. They have all these regrets that they’re living 20 years ago and they live that energy level. It’s a terrible energy level because people really don’t want to be around you. They’ll see a certain patient come down the hall, they’ll run the other way, “Here comes Mr. So-and-So,” because you don’t want to feel that negative energy. Everything is energy.

When you look at it, what are some things at living 200? These are things I will not accept. I will not accept energy level 30-Guilt. I do not allow people to guilt me. It’s very important because 30 is such a low energy level that if you’re living level 200 or even living level 175, you’re up here. The moment somebody guilts you, it’s so low of an energy, it’s like you flushed your energy down the toilet and that’s the way you should visualize it because you just pummeled your energy down. Nobody’s allowed to guilt me. It’s a rule in my life. Why do people use guilt?  Because they use it to control you. If somebody’s trying to guilt me, they want something. What I do is I politely ask them, “Please, don’t guilt me, but tell me what you need and let me see if I can help you.” I do it very respectfully because I must let people know that they cannot guilt me and I do not guilt myself. It is such a negative emotion that’s accepted in today’s society that you have to guard against it. It’s one of my life rules, you’re not allowed to guilt me.

The other one I don’t allow is apathy. Apathy is an energy of I can’t. Biologically it’s an energy of assistance. It’s why we have it, but I used to do things … One of the things I will tell you, I’m not the most handy person around the house, my wife and my kids will tell you. I will hire somebody to mow my lawn. I’m not going to do it because I always looked at it from the Pareto Principle that 20% of my energy goes here, this is what I like to do, this is how I get paid, and this is what I’m worth and 80% over here I want to just go ahead and outsource because that way it frees my energy to do what I want to do and it’s more profitable for me. For me, sometimes I take it to the extreme that we need to change that light bulb and it’ll go right in my head, “Well, I can’t,” a light bulb, mind you, “I can’t.” I’ll catch myself right away and this is how you get out of apathy. The moment you say “I can’t” you switch it to “I won’t.” I won’t change that light bulb. Then you can make a decision. Am I going to have one of my kids change the light bulb? Or I will just go do it, change the light bulb. 

Here’s where people get held down. Apathy is lower than fear. People think they don’t become successful because they’re afraid when really they’re stuck in apathy. You may hear it with yourself. You’re telling yourself, “You know, here’s a program,” and we’re in the medical field so in the medical clinics, “Here’s a program that will change your life.” “Oh, I can’t do that” or “I can’t do this.” Really, if you just change that to “I won’t do that diet. I won’t do that exercise” then what’s happening is you can really make a good decision. If you decide you’re not going to do it, then that’s your decision to live unhealthy, but don’t say you can’t because every time you do that, you’re programming your subconscious, which drives your actions to failure. You’re actually programming yourself like a computer, “I’m a failure because I can’t.” 

I don’t allow guilt. I don’t allow apathy. Grief is just something that comes. Fear comes. The thing is with fear you’ve got to notice it. I’m careful with desire. That’s another lower energy because I realize the law of attraction and focus. My good friend J.B. Glossinger just recently on Morning Coach talked about focus and the more you focus on really wanting something the less you’re going to get it. It’s because of the way of law of attraction. That’s the desire energy. Anger is going to happen. I’m going to tell you things are going to make you angry. The difference is you have awareness. When you’re a Level Two person and you’re Self-Mastery, you have awareness, “Hey, I’m getting angry. Why am I getting angry? What’s making me cause anger? Is it a program I need to release? Is it something I need to work on or I need to be angry so I can communicate with this person?” 

Here’s the difference. I will not carry anger to the next moment. I can get angry, I can get bad news, and I can get upset but once I do that, it’s gone. That’s the difference between being stuck with anger. I got people that come up to me. They’re angry about something that happened 5 years ago and they just carry it with them. Imagine, we’re talking about the Energy of Success. All these things take energy. Wouldn’t you rather take that energy of anger of an event that happened 5 years ago and turn it towards creating something that could be beneficial for you and your family or your health. See, that’s why people are tired. They waste their energy on these lower levels.

The one I have to be most careful is 175-Pride. When people tell me, “Wow, you’re a great speaker” or “You’re a great coach” or “What a great program you built,” I’m very careful. I will always say thank you and always be polite, but I will tell you right now, I am not responsible for any of these things. I was given these by the grace of God or grace of the universe, whatever you guys want to talk about it. I call it God. I’m comfortable with that because this was given to me. When I write my books, you don’t understand, I just channel this and it comes out. I understand things that would take somebody maybe 7 years of medical school and I can understand it in a second. That is not me. That’s a gift. The moment I think I’m responsible for all these things, that’s when pride takes over and will tell me out of Level One and put me in Level Two. That’s the one I watch very carefully with myself and I have to check myself because there is an ego and there is that possibility that I’ll come down. 

When you’re living a life of 200 and you’re living that Level Two Self-Mastery Courage and above level, that’s an amazing life, but you got to understand that you got to have focus. That’s what our Green Focus Management Program is about. It’s helping people to focus on their values and focus on the 5 life categories and focus so you’re taking action and you’re keeping all the categories up. You can’t let your health drop and think that you’re going to live this Life Level Two. You can’t let your money and not focus on taking care of your budgets and that and think you’re going to live a Life Level Two. You’re just not going to. You can’t not focus on your relationships. All 5 of these categories are very important.

That’s today’s blog or vlog or whatever we’re going to call it. Today we were talking a little bit. We talked about this is the 2nd part to the Energy of Success, but this is living above 200. I hope that you guys are starting to understand this concept because it’s a great concept. You can measure your life. I’ve always said that about stress. How can you manage something that you don’t measure? I used to tell doctors that, professors that. Your telling me about stress management but how do you know unless you measure this? That’s how I developed my entire Elite FitForever company and the new book, The New Stress Response Diet. It’s the same with success. How can you really determine where you’re at if you don’t have some type of measurement. That’s just the way I work. I hope what I do can help you. 

Feel free to contact me. I look forward to your comments. You can contact me at my website, www.billcortright.com. You can email me bill@billcortright.com. I look forward to getting your feedback on all this. I want you guys to understand that this is all coming from love. This is some new information. I got a new book coming out next year called The Cage. It’s going to be an amazing book that’s going to really teach these levels and how they work in real life. I’m very excited. Stay inspired. Live in that GreenZone and have yourself a fantastic week.


Bill Cortright